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Luminarias, 2014 Update (graphics and text by A. Leon Miler)

December 13, 2011
"Polar Bear Luminarias" 14" x 18" oil painting.

“Polar Bear Luminarias” 14″ x 18″ oil painting for the 2014 Luminarias on the Plaza.

My 1st Luminaria

1st Luminarias on the Plaza art.

Luminarias, or faralitos are a standard part of a New Mexico Christmas.  They are placed on the pathways leading up to your door way to help light the way for the Christ child.  This was part of the Las Posadas celebration, where for nine nights before Christmas, Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging is re-enacted, with each night a different house being the house to proclaim they had room;- and food for the weary travelers.  The travelers sang carols along the route.

Also called “luminarias” were the bonfires lit to guide people to the church on Christmas Eve.  This is still done in some places.

Now, people put the luminarias out as another part of their Christmas decorations.

The 6 paintings shown here I painted for our annual Luminarias on the Plaza Art Walk that is part of the City of Socorro’s celebrations welcoming the start of the Christmas season.  This is done in conjunction with Socorro’s Electric Light Christmas parade and lighting of the Christmas tree on the Plaza.

The final photo is Socorro’s plaza decked out with the luminarias all lit.

Luminaria 2007

Lighting the Luminarias on the Plaza. This is a 24 x 34 oil painting.

Watercolor painting for the 2009 Luminarias on the Plaza Poster

Watercolor painting for the 2011 Luminarias on the plaza.

Luminarias on Socorro’s Plaza

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