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Making Rose Petal Whistles: The Despised and Unlovely (part 1)

February 21, 2013

Making Rose Petal Whistles:  The Despised and Unlovely (part 1)

Pale Wind Scorpions; genus: Eremobates, Species: pallipes

To begin with, I don’t want to ascribe values or sentiments that these creatures do not have. They are little organic beings that have been created to do what they do, which is to eat arthropods, small lizards, and the like. They are not poisonous, nor do they stalk creatures beyond their capabilities, but should you handle one and treat it roughly, it can give a sharp bite, without apology.

By most people’s account, pale wind scorpions are unlovely, somewhat scary looking, and therefore, unwanted. Living in a dry desert place like we do, we find them outside the front door, and occasionally, inside the front door. They are night hunters, able to run like the wind on 3 of their 4 sets of legs. The smallest upfront pair of legs are used to feel things as they move about in the dark.

Pale wind scorpions are, like spider and scorpions, arachnids, and like spiders, they have leg-looking appendages called pedipalps used to grab and hold their dinner. They also have a disproportionately large set of jaws, or fangs called “chelicerae.” 

My model for this pen and ink had found his way inside the house.  He was just a wee bit defensive about being waylaid while I captured his image.  I hope he fed himself well while inside the house.  He quickly disappeared among the rocks and pebbles that make up the desert pavement.  With his scruffy beard, he reminded me of a fearless warrior not really cognizant of his lack of stature, running into battle shouting “I’ve got you outnumbered one to one!”

Pale Wind Scorpion (pen and ink)

Pale Wind Scorpion (pen and ink)

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  1. February 21, 2013 4:25 pm

    Yes, I know about the sharp bites from that night so long ago when one was hiding in bed with me. But they aren’t unlovely, you know. They’re attractive creatures.

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