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All for a Dream

June 9, 2013

raven spiral 1-8-2012

There’s restlessness in the breeze,

Warm and easy though it is,

Like the smell of springtime, she’s

Already got her mind made.

The pleasure is, while it lasts,

Where sun cast shadows are laid.

Softly, the sun’s love kisses

Tightly in a warm hug.

You know, truly, one misses

These things on a rainy day.

“O, but my love has promised

She will never go away…”

Like an old worn love song,

I don’t know about life, I’ve

Been living asleep too long,-

All for a dream.

There’s restlessness in the breeze,

Without thought the pine trees talk,

Branch on branch, whispers to tease

You with melancholy strains,

Lullabies that will promise

All things in countless refrains,-

All for a dream.

There’s restlessness in the breeze

That prompts me to wander far

Away, though my feet don’t seize

The moment. Gather your strength,

The sun’s glow hobbled, obscured,

Dark shadows, they grow in length,

At world’s edge, to make one grand

Blazing exit, fading sparks….

There’s restlessness in the land,

The owl’s hunting, a dog barks,

All for a dream.

You smile searching for a dream,-

There was a comet passing

Crossing through a starry stream

Just over the horizon.

I never saw its passage,

I’m told fortunes will anon

Change, that the mighty soon shall

Fall. It moves with a sliver

Of moon sliding cold and fell,-

There’s restlessness in the breeze,-

All for a dream.

ravens calligraphic 1-8-2012

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  1. June 9, 2013 6:30 pm

    This poem is an exercise using a different meter and rhyme scheme.

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