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For Adrian

April 7, 2014

051For Adrian

Yet one more petal from the rose has fallen,

Yet One more strand from the silver chord is cut,

We are leaves scattered as the tree is shaken,

Once through that gate, the way forever is shut….


We blew into Arlington, Texas on a cold November wind with not much more than the clothes we were wearing. I went down to the high school and registered myself in for classes. You were the 1st person to reach out and befriend me. I found your photo online in the yearbook I was a contributing photographer to, but, at that time, too angry to purchase myself. I may have taken this photo, I do not remember. If I did not take it, I took one like it. You were my friend in my deepest darkest time, and for that I am forever grateful. You were also one of the last of my friends I saw before leaving Arlington. A candle in a deep and dark place shines quite brightly, and so you were for me. I have wondered many times how life went for you: Did you find peace? Did you find love and happiness? Did it go well for you? I searched for you online, and instead, found a notice of your death four years past, so I wrote 4 short lines for you.

Eternity’s hands have grabbed you and taken you beyond my futile reach; eternity and eternity’s Divine Maker. I pray that all is well with you, that your spirit rests well, fair maiden, dark haired girl, who thought to reach out to a lost and lonely boy.

Did you find peace? Did you find love and happiness? Did it go well for you?

Your friend,

Leon Miler

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